Phil Gordon roasting our coffee on the Mill City 2kg roasterWe love to roast coffee and our coffee philosophy is ever evolving. We started roasting coffee in a pan. We loved it. We could see all the stages, we could hear all the reactions, we stayed close to the beans and understood the process from the most simple perspective.

In our experience, a few things became clear to us. Seasonal varieties are the celebrations of harvests from around the world. The bean is the essence of all great coffees regardless of the processing method, the roaster, or the extraction method.

Keeping that experience in mind, we will work hard to deliver the best representation of beans to our tastes based on freshness and availability; this means seasonal varieties will come and go. Quality will be determined from taste, independent of borders and the handicap of any processing techniques.

With roasting, we will continue to strive to bring out the natural flavors and terroir of the beans and then try to stay out of our own way. We don't have a maverick roaster or secret recipe; we follow set processes for quality and repeatability.

Coffee is our passion. Hopefully, you will find in our beans, roasts, and tools something for you.